Consumer Goods

Harness the power of consumer insights and experience. Power your business with direct consumer voice, provide personal engagement and boost loyalty.
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Solution that delivers resilient growth


premium upselling


reduced cost in logistics


staff productivity


access to global markets

Improve resilience and transparency
across supply chain with granular traceability

Validated Delivery

Reduce cost and increase certainty with certificates validation on interoperable platform.

Inventory Intelligence

Decrease inventory CAPEX with real time oversight globally.

Sustainable Traceability

Upsell validated sustainable product range and win consumer mindshare.

Acquire seamless deliveries with predictive analytics and receive easy access to global markets.

Coldchain Compliance

Prevent losses and track inventory in-transit on interoperable platform in real time.

Logistics Product Passporting

Access global markets by adopting product logistics passport.

Integration to Tax & Customs

Increase delivery speed with seamless integration to third party platforms.

Verofax helps you build unfair advantage
Quick Returns
Quick Returns

Lower costs while improving operational efficiency and achieve quick return on investment.

Fast Deployment
Fast Deployment

Start your free trial and transform your operations within 60 days and generate instant value.

Interoperable Platform
Interoperable Platform

Make use of interoperable user interfaces for stakeholders across your value chain.

Supply Chain
Resilient Supply Chain

Achieve oversight on your product inventories across suppliers, channels and end users.

GDPR Compliant
Secure Data

Guarantee your data securityon enterprise-grade multi-tenant cloud from leading providers.

GDPR Compliant
GDPR Compliant

Verofax is a Blockchain-based data management solution that applies data compliant policies, for maintaining customers’ privacy.

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